My first exotic and the Cub scouts

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My first exotic and the Cub scouts

Do you remember the day when you first saw it? I do.

I was about 7 years old and went to the shop one chilly Saturday morning. My Dad was working on it, right there: a bright red Lamborghini Countach. Not a picture on my wall or in a movie. It was right in front of me, to touch and smell. God damn, it was beautiful – better than I imagined. Seeing it was like holding a real gun for the first time. This was not a toy – this was the real deal!  Since then I have never been the same.

I was reminded of this because I recently had the pleasure of hosting a meeting with some local cub-scouts (Special thanks to Cub Scout Den 1 Simi Valley Pack 3663 and their respective awesome parents!) We learned some car basics (checking tire pressure and oil, for example) but by far the best part was seeing their faces light up when they saw some of the exotics in the shop. I could tell that right then, for some of them (maybe not all) the obsession began, and they probably didn’t even know it. It’s like seeing Santa Clause, or Jesus himself in the flesh – you may have heard stories and seen pictures, but now it was real.

Moments like that bring me back to a simpler time… a perfect time.  I didn’t know how or why, but I desired that machine, and I knew one day I would have one. Do you remember the day? The moment you were struck by the car devil? Or was it a slow birth over time as you started noticing how awesome these machines are?

What ever it is, or was, I am enjoying my life-long love affair with cars, and I hope it never stops.

This article was written by Damian